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This site exists to promote good health and food economy. We feel that vacuum sealers do both.

Eating The Best Foods: What To Avoid

Refined Products
Man made products are refined. Food in the natural state is best for us. For thousands of years man has eaten raw food as the main diet source. It has only been the last two hundred years that we have been eating so many refined products. Our bodies can't adjust this quickly. The result is that we are seeing a lot of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer in western civilizations. Eating natural foods will also save you money since almost all pre-packaged meals are refined products.

Sugar raises our insulin levels. When insulin levels are high, the body tends to hold on to fat. Every time we eat items that are super sweet our pancreas has to immediately release a lot of insulin to balance out our blood sugar levels. Eventually, the pancreas can weaken and cause diabetes. Then diabetes becomes a pre-cursor for heart disease and cancer.

A little sugar has a lot of calories. Check the calorie content of small sugar items. Even penny and nickel candies made of sugar can have more calories than a single apple. Which do you think is more filling?

Trans Fats
Trans fats are one of the worst foods imaginable. Trans fats increase our bad cholesterol (ldl) while lowering our good cholesterol (hdl). High cholesterol is a pre-cursor for heart disease. Trans fats are found in almost everything. Recently, the federal governemnt has required manufacturers that packaged products must be labeled with trans fat content. As a rule of thumb, avoid any deep fried foods and margarine. If you avoid pre-packaged foods and do not eat out it will be much easier for you to avoid trans fats.








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