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Food Storage Information: Dehydrated and vacuum sealed is an excellent option for food storage due to light weight and long life.

Food Economy: Simple Tips For A Healthy Budget

Have you ever wondered how people in third world countries eat for pennies a day? Most people want to reduce their bills. One of the main bills that can be significantly reduced is the food bill. Most other bills are fixed and can't be adjusted very much or not at all. This article will show you to significantly reduce your budget and be healthy through four simple rules. We suggest that a family of four can live healthy on $160.00 a month.

Rule #1 -- Inexpensive food is healthier.

The age old wisdom that you get what you pay for does not work with food. Most expensive foods have large advertising budgets attached to them. You are paying for a brand and idea more than the food.

The healthiest foods come from God. For example, wheat, beans, and rice are not man made products. Donuts, french fries, and soda are man made products. Food has evolved for thousands of years with earth and man. Man made products are new to humans and are generally not good for you.

We like the following cheap foods: rice, oatmeal, beans, potatoes,
pasta and homemade bread. The most expensive foods are red meat and junk food.

Rule #2 -- Buy Food Instead Of Convenience

You don't see people in third world countries cooking tv dinners over a fire. What is a tv dinner? A tv dinner is a pre-packaged food. We buy it for convenience. You pay a lot for the convenience. The actual food you are getting is relatively very expensive to other foods. So avoid all pre packaged foods and you will save a lot of money.

Rule #3 -- Don't Eat Out

Eating out is roughly ten times more expensive than meals cooked at home. In addition, restaurants are cooking primarily to make money. Restaurants main goal is to make dishes delicious. Some restaurants are indeed healthy, but you have to be very careful because most are not.

Rule #4 -- Pay Attention To Prices And Buy In Bulk

This is where your vacuum sealer and deydrator can help. When you see a product you like for a good price, buy a lot and store it for further use. Most people just buy whatever they want at the grocery store. Imagine the difference if you shopped on nutritional content and price.












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