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This site exists to promote good health and food economy. We feel that vacuum sealers do both.

Vacuum Sealers Preserve Left Over Food

Vacuum sealers save money because you can seal left over foods and freeze them. Have you ever made too much food, but didn't feel like eating the leftovers. Maybe the food was really tasty, but you just didn't want to eat it three days in a row. A vaccum sealer, again, is a great solution. You can save the food and eat it a month or two later when you are in the mood for it. Many of us waste a lot of food. Food is a precious resource. Even if we can afford to waste food, we shouldn't. Many people in the world do not have enough to eat.

Ziploc Bags or Vacuum Sealers?

Why should I use a vacuum sealer when I can just use a ziploc bag? The main reason is that oxygen breaks down the food. Have you ever tried to get air out of a ziploc bag? You can get some out, but to get all of it out it is almost, if not, impossible. Vacuum sealers remove all of the air and it helps the food to last 3-5 times longer over Ziploc Bags.





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