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This site exists to promote good health and food economy. We feel that vacuum sealers do both.

The Long Life: Human Longevity

I think most of us would prefer to live a long time over a short time. Longevity studies show there are certain things that can help us live a long time. Caloric restriction, genetics, exercise, nutrition, and cell damage all work together in determining our lifespan.

One of the leaders in the field is Dr. Aubrey de Grey, a scientist at the University of Cambridge. Dr. Gray claims that our human lives can be extended over a thousand years. This news is not as surprising to bible readers because many people in the bible lived very long times. Methusaleh lived 969 years.

Caloric Restriction

Research on rats and mice has shown that reducing their food caloric consumption by 50 percent, while maintaining adequate nutrition, can lead to a 30 to 40 percent increase in longevity. Caloric restriction could potentially increase the human lifespan by thirty years. Scientists haven't actually proven this is humans, but is definitely plausible due to the fact it has worked with other animals. Caloric restriction is another reason to rely on natural fruits and vegetables.


Families that have more than one person living close to 100 are said to have superior longevity genes. Gene longevity is evidenced by the fact that "Siblings of centenarians have a four-fold higher chance of living into their 90s than do siblings of persons dying in their 70s" says Dr. Terry Reed.

Reduce Cell Damage

Cell death is what causes us to die. If we reduce cell damage, we will live longer. To reduce cell damage reduce sun exposure and eat healthy organic foods. Proponets of caloric restriction think there may be a chemical in our cells that tells them to age. If we could produce a drug to counteract this chemical process we could live much longer.

Exercise and Nutrition

Mountian streams are clean and pure. When the water is moving it cleanses itself. Stagnate water is found in non moving water such as natural ponds. In stagnate water, we find harmful bacteria and parasites that are not found in mountain streams.

Our body is made of 70-80 percent water. If we keep moving by exercising our mind, body, and spirit, we will live on average 3-6 years longer.

Finally, without the proper nutrients our cells become damaged. Nutrients in fruits and vegetables repair cell damage and help us live longer.







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